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Guiding and accompanying the employee begin from the stage of planning, while still in Israel, by consulting about the processes and steps needed before relocating, and end with the full and successful adjustment of the employees and their family in the new place.

Every need that will come up during this process will receive the most professional and efficient response, until the completion of all steps and to your full satisfaction.

We assist in finding the most suitable home, even while still in Israel, according to the families’ preferences – location, price, size and any other factor.

Searching for a New Home

We will assist in determining which educational facility is most suitable for the children and will accompany the family through the enrollment procedures.

Schools and Preschools

Consultation Calls and Written Information

Through the entire process we conduct routine calls to bring order out of chaos, provide guidance about the next steps and answer any question you might have. And it’s all in Hebrew!

Social Gatherings

We conduct monthly gatherings for spouses, where we discuss topics that are relevant for adjusting to life in new place, and address any questions, concerns or challenges that may rise. This is a great opportunity to make new friends!

Area Orientation

We provide detailed information regarding the different areas and neighborhoods, and after the arrival we provide  an orientation tour to familiarize the family with the area (schools, shopping. Libraries etc.) 


Through our excellent connections and our in-depth knowledge of the Israeli and Jewish communities in our region, we help the family socialize and quickly become part of the community.

Opening bank account

Thanks to our strong connections, we can assist with opening a bank account with favorable terms and a personal   customer manager

Issuing a driver’s license

We will provide the required information necessary for issuing a driver's license and will accompany the family in the process at the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles).

Acquiring a Social Security Number

We will assist with the procedures required to issue a social security number, which is essential for anyone working in the US

Telephone, TV & Interne

We present the different providers and explain the popular plans

Professionals and service providers

We provide information and recommendations on different service providers such as doctors, nannies, tutors etc.

Connecting to Utilities

We provide detailed instructions and the required forms in order to connect to utilities - electricity, water, sewer and garbage collection.

Purchasing a car

Whether new or used, we assist in the process of purchasing a car and provide the family with information and connection to the relevant providers.

We recommend and assist in choosing the relevant insurance plans for the needs of the family and connecting to the relevant service providers.

Renters and Car Insurance

We explain the different terms and assist in choosing the most relevant plan for the needs of the family out of the options offered by the employer. 

Medical Insurance

Preview Tour

We create a comprehensive tour plan and take you to see the area, the residential options and education facilities.

Finding temporary accommodation

In order to comfortably adjust when arriving in the US, and before finding the permanent residence, we assist in finding short term accommodation in either a hotel or a furnished apartment in the desired location.

Tax Consultation

Either before or after the move, according to the needs, we provide a primary consultation with CPA who specialize in US taxation for Israelis, regarding the US tax system and filing US tax return.

The tips that make life much easier

Where to shop, where to travel on weekends, parks and activities for kids, fine restaurants and everything that really matters.

Weekly tip #1

Floor rags like in Israel, outdoor mat or comforter covers are hard to find. If it’s important to you it is recommended to bring with you

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