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Ogen Relocation was established in order to address the challenges of the relocation process from Israel to the US, out of the realization that only one-on-one professional guidance will clarify the unknown and will allow smooth and quick adjustment in the new place.

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Happy Clients

Thank you very much for your service, Shiri worked with us and she is amazing.
She was and still is very helpful with any question or need we have.
Shiri and your company made our movement to Silicon Valley a lot easier, providing us tips, contacts and good advice.
Shiri helped us to settle in, introduced us to relevant people, friends and her family. This helped us and our children feel welcome here and gain friends.
we appreciate it a lot.

Keren Guy

Intel, September 2018

Relocation is never an easy thing - I know as I have moved with my family 3 times in the last 5 years. But there are services that make relocation easier. 
I was lucky that Google offered Ogen to help us with our relocation. Aya Shmueli and Yael Halperin are helping us to find a house here, know the lay of the land (tax, visa, schools), and even the simple things like making sure we had food for the kids when we got to the apartment after a long flight. We are truly thankful for their service. 

Amir Shvat

Google, March 2016

Hi Aya,

Just wanted to take the time and thank you for the great service we got from Ogen. Ravit has been fantastic and extremely helpful. Feel free to use me as reference any time.


Asaf Ganot

ControlUp, March 2016

Dear Patricia (Senior Global Mobility Envoy, SIRVA)


I’m on the way back from a successful business trip to Cupertino, and wanted to thank you for introducing me to Ogen Relocation.

I met Mrs Ella Barak from Ogen, and we were able to make progress efficiently in the following ways:

  • Task planning for the visit.

  • We discussed daycare, and managed to sign my son to our top priority daycare, in Sunnyvale and even make the deposit. This was the primary task that we could do before the visa grant.

  • We visited several houses to understand the possibilities and allow Ella to understand our preferences. We focused on a few neighbourhoods in Sunnyvale.

  • We discussed elementary schools, for which the decision is coupled to the house, and could only be made when we arrive at July, or maybe a month sooner with a preview trip and Ella’s work. We made a lift of several options and prioritise them.

  • We set up another call to discuss some more procedures, and got some written material from Ogen to read.

Both my wife and I are very happy with the services provided by Ogen so far.

Ron Sokolovsky

Apple, March 2016

Ella from Ogen relocation was an outstanding help for us and we thank her from the bottom of our hearts.

We would not have things successfully progress without her guidance and help.

Ella did a great job, my wife and I highly recommend her in particular and Ogen services in general.

Ella gave us plenty of information which we didn’t even know we need to do, she is most professional in all relocation matters, and has vast experience in all aspects a family moving here need to know.


She was wonderful, kind and patient to all our questions and requests, caring for our needs and made us feel we are not alone even beofer we land.

She was always available for late night phone calls to answer our questions.

When she went on her vacation is passed us to Yael Halperin who continued the same excellent level of help and advices.



I strongly recommend Mellanox will continue to use Ogen relocation for employees moving to MTI.




Lior Ronen

Mellanox, December 2015

Hi Patricia (Senior Global Mobility Envoy, SIRVA)

I hope this email finds you well. I just wanted to quickly report on our
relocation process-

Everything is going well; We found a house in Santa-Clara and expect to
move in by the end of the month. Yair is already in day-care, and Omer
and Dafna will start school next week (the house is in the same district
as the temporary housing). Ella Barak is extremely helpful - so far she
has made herself available to any question and handles every issue with
the utmost care and professionalism. Her assistance and performance has
exceeded all expectations, and we feel very lucky to have her by our side.


Jonathan Sheaffer

Apple, November 2015

Hi Rebecca (Altair Global)
We've had a tremendous experience working with Ogen Relocation, which made our
transition friction and stress free. We especially appreciated their viewof the destination services as a "process" rather than a one-time service, which basically means they were available to guide us during the entire moving period, until and even after (!) we've secured a residence.
Their specialty is working with Israelis, but I'm certain that any Facebook employee relocating here can greatly benefit from their services.
I highly recommend you use them as your preferred destination services


Assaf Sela

Facebook, July 2015

We would like to thank Ogen and specifically, Aya and Yael, for the smooth and organized experience of

relocation. Aya and Yael are unique the service they provide, as they cope every subject professionally,

thoroughly and most important, treating every family, in accordance with their needs. They took care of

most of clue issues, which we could not manage so fast and easy without them. All and Yael are

incredibly emotionally intelligent: they understand and learn the individuality of every family and they

just KNOW what is better choice, decision, timing or location….. If just TRUST them through all the way,

the relocation experience may be almost non-stressful and easy-going. Thanks again!

Ira and Ilya Gurevich

Clarizen , July 2014

Many thanks for everything, our relocation was much easier and efficient thanks to you

Michal and Yaniv

Facebook, March 2013

Aya and Yael have been incredibly helpful in this complex process and I wholeheartedly recommend their services

Keren and Guy Rosen

Onavo, October 2012

Thank YOU, and in general I feel we are integrating faster than plan... school started, we feel at home and we have just DMV in front of us... so THANK YOU for the help

Orna and Tal Tamir

Wilocity, August 2012

Hi Aya and Yael,

Again, thank you for the warm welcome you've left and prepared for us. This entire experience with you both has been amazing, making our landing here so much easier

Nicole and Nir David

Matomy, March 2012

Ogen provides a fantastic service. Not only did they make us feel at home from the area, but thanks to them, we were able to find a permanent house for our family just one day after arriving in the area. We would warmly recommend them to anyone relocating to the area

Aviah and Efrat Morag

Apple, March 2012

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Weekly tip #1

Floor rags like in Israel, outdoor mat or comforter covers are hard to find. If it’s important to you it is recommended to bring with you

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