The Company

In the continually expanding global business world, the relocation of professionals from one country to another is a common affair. However, along with the new opportunities that open up to the employees and their family there are many difficulties and insecurities.


Ogen Relocation was established in order to address the challenges of relocation process from Israel to the US and to provide exclusive and comprehensive service for all the needs of the employees and their family as well as the employing company.
The company was founded by Aya Levkovitz and Yael Halperin out of their knowledge and personal experience in the relocation process to the US, and out of the realization that only one-on-one professional guidance will clarify the unknown and will allow good and quick adjustment in the new place.


Aya has been residing in the Silicon Valley for many years in which she was responsible for the overall cultural and social activities offered to Israelis in the states of California and Washington by the Israeli Consulate.
In this framework she was exposed to the Jewish and Israeli communities, the local education system and the relevant governmental systems that operate within this scope.

Before coming to the US, Aya was the Director of Customer Liaison and Customer Service at the telecommunication company 013 Barak and Strategic Projects Manager at the placement company Jobinfo.
Aya holds MA in Human Resources Management from the Tel-Aviv University.

Yael has been living in the Silicon Valley since 2007 and brings years of experience helping new arriving families. She has previously established and managed the department of children and family programs at the ICC@JCC Palo Alto, where she developed deep acquaintance with the local Israeli community and its needs. Yael has defined her goal to help new families who are relocating to the bay area, establish a smooth and positive transition experience by sharing her knowledge and experience.

Prior to moving to the US, Yael has been the Director of Technology Transfer at Mor Research (Bio-Tech research application company), Marcom marketing manager at Net2Me (technology startup company) and an Account Manager at McCann Ericson (global advertising agency network).
Yael holds a B.A. in Communications from the Management College of Israel and an MBA from the University of Manchester.